Saturday, February 9, 2013

we CRAVE burgers

Been eating A LOT lately. Haha. I never thought that my blog will always be about foodies. For sure, i won't be summer ready with what I'm doing. Here goes another of my burger cravings...

Since I really wanted to try some new burgers, I asked my friends to come stroll with me around Burgos Circle to look for a new burger place, and then we came into CRAVE Burger. It's been a long time since i wanted to try their burgers. It's just that everyones on a diet and no one wants to go with me... Even if I told them that it's goin to be my treat. Haha.

We loved the ambiance of the resto. It's ORANGE! Yey, well, it's one of my fave colors that's a plus. Haha. With the lighting and all, it gave the foodie an additional yummy factor and good for food photo ops. Hehe

We tried their best sellers (of course, haha)

The Crave Ultimate Burger... We were a bit disappointed when this came into our table, it looks different from what we saw on their website (false advertising huh?!). The patties were small, i mean really small! Or is it just that the bread is tooo big for the burger?! Haha.

But hey, looks can be deceiving ayt!? The burgers tastes really gooooood! I really liked the Juicy patty plus the cheese, though the bacon was a lil bit dry. I can rank it as 3 out of 5. We'll probably give the place another chance on our next visit. Hoping for bigger patties. Haha

For more info or for the complete menu, visit their website: CRAVE burger.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The YABU experience

It's been a while since I posted my last blog, I've been sooooo busy during the past days, but here goes another of my foodie trips. :)

Have you been to "YABU: The House of Katsu" or are you a fan of "Katsu"?  This is definitely one of the MUST TRY places right now. I've been eyeing to go to MOA just to try and get the YABU feel. And alas, despite the veerrry busy schedule I got my mim and dad to go and dine with me there. Very typical for us pinoys, since it is something new, people are really lining up just to try this new craze. Went there around 6-ish on a Saturday, waited for almost an hour aggg. But hey, I'm telling you, it's worth the wait. :)

For first timers, here's a lil intro with the Katsu sauce, it's a bit DIY from the grinding of the seeds, to pouring and mixing everything all together. It's where you will start to get the YABU feel that i was saying earlier. Haha

Foodie talk! Me and mom got ourselves one of the most talked about on the YABU menu... The Menchi with Cheese Katsu.

The dish is very Cordon Bleu-ish in a way, made with minced pork and beef and cheese. What I loved about this Katsu is the perfectly melted creamy-cheesy center. I could definitely recommend this to you cheese lovers, hehe.

Dad got himself a Rosu Katsu Curry, you have a choice on how hoooot/spicy you want your curry to be served... Well, dad chose to have it extra spicy. :)). Ooooh, btw, i'm sorry I wasn't to take some photos, we were really hungry when the food was served. :/

This is how a Katsu set looks like, Miso soup, rice, fruits, veggies and your Katsu ❤. You can always ask for some extra rice, veggies or soup. :)

The over-all experience was really good, from the ambiance, to the food and most especially to the pips of Yabu. They were really accommodating and they have this fun approach to customer's needs, ooh, plus the statement shirts that they are wearing... I find it really cute and it's for sale, hehe.

Price wise: for a dish ranging from 300++ and up, it's worth it. And you'll definitely come back to try their other katsus. :)

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