Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh My Zark's!

Have you been to Zark's Burgers? They have 2 branches now, one is in Taft and the other one is in BF. I was so curious about the place so I really have to try it out.

Zark's Menu
I asked mom and dad to go with me, I really had NO idea where Zark's is. I tried google-ing it, but its only showing us one address which is President's Ave., BF, no numbers or no building names given. We really exerted sooooo much effort asking bystanders and peeps if they know the place. Some of them are'nt even familiar of the place, aggg. So for everyone who's interested in going there, here are some landmarks: Zark's is on the 2nd Floor, beside a barber shop. Lol. I forgot to get the exact address, hope that helps. Haha
Now, the good part. Eating time!

Jawbreaker, dad got one for himself. It's one huge burger! Triple cheeseburger + spam + bacon and loooots of cheese. They have a 5-minute challenge for everyone who orders it. Uhmmmm. For a burger this big, it would take me 30 minutes to consume it, haha.

Zark's Burger, this is what mom tried. A quarter pound cheesy TLC burger with mushrooms and bacon. Yum!

Black Mamba, my lil brother tried this, the special thing about this burger is Zark's very own mix of Barbecue Rum Sauce...Which actually tastes like A1 sauce or is it just A1 bbq sauce. Haha.

Blue Cheese Burger, I love cheese, but I love blue cheese more. Haha, I'm really fond of burgers with some sort of twists. Well, I loved what I had. Blue cheese plus mushrooms, two of my favorites! Heaven.

Zark's Burger is so affordable, from the Minor Leagues cheapest Php 99 burger to the Major Leagues Php 500 worth Tombstone burger (2 pounds cheeseburger overflowing with cheese sauce, tempting ayt?). For 4 huge burgers + hand cut potato fries and large Iced teas, we only spent Php 715.

Any suggestions for new foodie places down south? :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tea Farm

South peeps! We’ve been really (really) addicted to Milk tea, and there are really no tea places within our area (Parañaque). As we know ChaTime, Gong Cha and Serenitea’s (my fave!) nearest location from our place would be in the Fort, Ayala or Alabang, imagine the hassle of going out when we are craving? haha. Plus they won’t be delivering to our place. :(

Good thing a friend introduced me to Tea Farm Café. They’ve got 3 branches, 2 in Ayala Makati both at KPMG Building and the third one is located along Doña Soledad Ave. fronting Paranaque Doctor’s Hospital (PDH), Better Living, Parañaque. I’m not really adventurous on trying out foodies and drinks which is new to me. I’m the type that checks reviews and blogs about a new place before going there and tryin out their stuff. Since only a few of my friends knows the place, Me and Carlo went there and treated ourselves with of course, milk tea. Haha

We tried their Wintermelon and Thai Milk Tea, and in all fairness, their products are delish. Comparable to its competitors, I can give it 5 stars.

Follow them on twitter: @TeaFarmPhils
And check out their Facebook page

Share your experience and reviews :)